My young son is diagnosed with a rare disease, Chrone’s disease. Please help us !!! .I am afraid that Can I bring my child into normalcy. I am requesting each one of you with folded hands to support us to avail of the treatment.

About 2 years back I had never thought that God will show me these days. He was quite sporty and charming. Like any other young boy, he used to ride a bike and would spend time with friends.

On the 13th of July, 2019 he suddenly had a severe stomachache and we rushed to hospital in Kolkata. The doctor said us that he had a big hole in the intestine. And subsequently, he had surgery and he was given an ileostomy bag.

On 29th November 2020, he had a second surgery to reverse the same. We had a belief that my son again will be normal. My hope was shattered when Doctor told us that the surgery was not successful and his life was at risk. He was in ICU for several days and Finally, he survived, and again ileostomy bag was kept.

We had visited another doctor in Hyderabad. I was hopeful that my son would be normal, but fate had some other plans. When Doctor told us that he was diagnosed with Chron’s disease. In the beginning, we could not understand what disease it is. However, when the doctor briefed us about this disease. We were saddened and shattered to hear this. It is a very rare disease that involves the inflammation of the digestive tract. It is a chronic disease. It is not treatable and requires surgery and medication all the time.

When I asked for treatment of the same, the expenses for surgery & regular medicine were not affordable for us. The average cost of medicine, ileostomy bag, and management is Rs 15,000 /month. At this point, he needs surgery to reverse the ileostomy. We have spent everything to incur the monthly cost and 3 surgeries. and The surgery is quite expensive. The management of Chrone’s disease is very expensive.

Please help us to save my child.!!! I request each one of you with folded hands to help us to bring back my son.

Believe us!!! We are going through a very painful time. But, I have high hope that God has allowed us to seek treatment for my loving young boy.

Please contribute whatever you can. Your small effort will bring my young son back.